Animation JAM Week (Oct 16 – 20)

Animation…thou art a heartless b*tch.

Seriously though, animation isn’t that hard. It might take hours to get enough good stills to create a one-second animation, but the outcome is kind of worth it… that is, if you don’t mind putting in the man-hours.

We started the animation workshop by drawing a scene that we wanted to replicate in our animation 22662777_1948848745330979_757545343_o

After drawing my first draft I thought it would be too complex to do in the space of a few days, so I cut down the scene to a basic movement of my character. This being my first attempt at animating, I wanted to keep it simple so that I could improve on it after the animation jam.

I started the animation by drawing the starting and finishing poses and then going through with a light box to slightly edit each frame until they eventually all created a somewhat smooth animation.


With all of my frames in place, I scanned them in to the computer and began compiling them in a gif maker. I lined up my drawings and then looped it back to create one seamless gif.


So this is my final animation following the one week workshop, I am quite happy with the outcome I was able to create.


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