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Go Ask Alice – Week One

Our group (myself, Sam, Sid, Richard and Lampros) gathered at the begining of the week to explore our ideas which had been developed over the Easter break. Making notes on everyone’s presentations, we pulled out small pieces of research from each one, developing an idea from what interested us.mineralshand

From Richard’s presentation, we took inspiration from his research on rocks, minerals and extraction, inspired by our Underground project. We also took forward some of Richard’s research in regards to glacial caves, mining mechanics and fantasy based narrative.

Moving on to Sid’s presentation, having noticed we have two talented musicians in our group, we wanted to go forward with music as our main mechanic. This idea was suggested and explored by two of our team members. Sid also explored the idea of an underground oasis, or a possibly mirage element to the game, all of which were in keeping with our theme of the unknown. Sam’s research also led us to one of the most inspirational piece of music that would help to drive our design.

Team Roles were given as follows:
Jennifer – Lead Research, Narrative Design
Sam – Art Direction, Lead Designer
Sid – Lead Artist, Tech Developer
Richard – Designer, Tech Developer
Lampros – Lead Artist, Designer

Our starting point following some research and deliberation would be based around the idea of mining and collection. Sound would be our main mechanic, with an arctic backdrop. We used the lotus flower method of mind mapping to explore what we needed to research further, and how.


I began to lInuit Children in Winter Fursook at Eskimo and Inuit culture, along with the parallels between the two. Knowing we wanted it to be set in an arctic environment, it was important to explore the culture deeply. So I looked at their migration habits, clothing and how its made, society as a whole and how they live their day to day life. It was important as well, to look at the environmental impact of humans on the earth. We specifically researched the melting of the ice caps, global warming as a whole, and the impact this has on indigenous cultures.


Since we knew we wanted our game to be based around music as a mechanic, I went forward to look at games that involved music as a major factor. Papaton stood out to me most, alongside the cartoonish, silhouetted two dimensional environment.